22 Gennaio 2020

Industrial Machinery

In the wastewater treatment field we suggest aerobic biological processes in dispersed mass (classics activated sludge), fluidized bed (MBBR technology) or membranes (MBR), anaerobic reactor/processes, oxidative treatments, flotation treatments, chemical flocculation, sludge dewatering and drying, ammonia stripping, ozone decolorization, removal of nitrogen, phosphorus, surfactants, phenols and fluorides: we offer engineering services (basic and detail) and supply of complete plants in civil/municipal ambit and in the various industrial sectors (textile, chemical, food...).
To a lesser extent, our business also extends to the area of water supply treatments (removal with activated carbon, softening, demineralization, disinfection and dechlorination) and rainwater (first and second) separation (feasibility studies, audits, calculations and sizing of separation and treatment systems).
Newly developed are the anaerobic treatment processes for waste water from industrial activities (food and dairy, beverage, agriculture, ...) with biogas production (energy recovery in boilers with hot water and steam production) and electricity generation.

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