30 Maggio 2020


SIATEX S.r.l.® deals with the trade of textile machinery, accessories, spare parts and services.
The company was born in 1990 from a partnership between Sulzer Italy® and Piani family in Prato (Tuscany - Italy), one of the most famous city throughout the world for the textile production excellences.
Piani Family has a long history in textile: since 1953 Mr. Giuliano Piani started working in textile machinery business in Prato, selling a huge quantity of shuttle looms. At that time Prato used to have about 18.000 looms and mainly 3 manufacturers, Crompton and Knowels (later on Nebiolo built on Crompton license), Galileo and San Giorgio. Piani was selling Crompton and Nebiolo later on with an average of 500 looms every year.
Then, in 1978, his son Mr. Franco Piani joined the company, bringing new energy and young knowledge, selling new Galileo looms and, after closing Galileo in 1982, new Picanol looms from 1984 up to 1989.
In 1990 SIATEX® (55% Sulzer Italy branch and 45% Piani Family) – textile machinery company comes to the market and Mr. Franco Piani becomes CEO and Managing Director.
During nineties SIATEX® works properly on Italian market selling new Sulzer Machineries and getting success all over the world selling used textile machinery. Considering that at that time the market was going towards a globalized system, the company had to reflect on working in a more international way. Mr. Franco Piani was helped by an enthusiast and qualified team and all together contributed to expand the operations throughout the world. Moreover, they worked properly in order to improve at international level the distinction of the products sold and the quality of the services offered. It was a new way of making business in textile, in few years Siatex achived a relevant position recording a turnover up to Lire 18 billion (€ 9 million).
In 1999 Piani Family becomes the only shareholder, keeping on with the trade of both new and second-hand textile machines such us Somet, Sulzer, Vamatex, Picanol, Nuovo Pignone, Smit, Picanol, Dornier and all kinds of finishing, weaving preparation, spinning, dyeing machinery supply.
In 2015 SIATEX® reaches the third generation of Piani family because of the entrance of Mr. Stefano Piani (Franco’s son), as Sales and Marketing Manager. The firm has a noticeable potentiality thanks to those who work in, such as sales managers, technicians, and administration. All of them are always ready and available for the needs of clients and partners.
Nowadays SIATEX® records trading operations in more than 60 countries of the world (between Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America) and it is a well-known textile company all over the world as:
  • Dealer of second hand textile machinery;
  • Expert in trading of new machinery, accessories, and general equipment;
  • Supplier of textile spare parts;
  • High quality services;
  • Training;
  • Technical support on new machineries;
  • Consultant for textile institutions as schools and universities.

Moreover, SIATEX® works as general trading in mechanical engineering and plastics industry.
Since 1980 Piani family is also present in the Ethiopian market in Addis Abeba as agent of the major textile manufactures.

In order to extend the wide range of services offered to its esteemed clients, SIATEX® produces new textile accessories: heald frames, handling trolleys and warp beams for warping and weaving department.


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